Do you know the role the County Legislature plays in Yates?

As a candidate, I am dedicated to helping Yates residents explore what is possible from their Legislature. I am excited about this work and, being newly retired after 32 years of elementary school teaching, I feel that I’m right in my element.

What results do you want from the County Legislature for yourself and your neighbors?

I am all about what I call the four big Cs: Communication, Collaboration, and Constructive Change.

As a citizen activist, I have worked to bring accountability and a proactive attitude to the Legislature. I’ve sat in on countless Legislature sessions and have taken the time to thoughtfully research the issues that have come up.

I believe the Legislature should work for ALL. My goal is a Yates County Legislature that is PROACTIVE, not reactive.

Do you agree? Read my blog for more information, and reach out to me to start a conversation.

Thanks for your interest, I look forward to working together for a better Yates!