My Heart is Breaking

My heart is breaking that as my best friend is dying, our country’s government representatives are crafting a Healthcare bill that will do nothing to help people find and access excellent healthcare.  When will our representatives stand up and determine that healthcare in a country as rich as ours is a RIGHT?  Where is the money in the budget and healthcare  bill to find cures for cancer, ALS, MS, and many other diseases?  This is the debate our country should be having  not how we can cut property taxes by reducing Medicaid access.  Most of our citizens are compassionate and believe in the fairness of each person having good healthcare at a fair price and without high deductibles that limit choice/care.  It is time for each of us to speak out in favor of fixing our health insurance system by providing a subsidized healthcare system like MEDICARE (run through our private insurance companies with private doctors).  It WORKS well now and should be in some form be expanded to everyone.



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